Watching the movie "My Super Ex-Girlfriend", I was wondering...

* Would you ever want to have superpowers?

* Which would you want to have (and would you use them for good, for evil...or maybe a little of each ;-) )?

* Would you just use them in your everyday life somehow, or go all out and develop a secret identity?

* If the latter, what would you call her, and what might she, and her outfit, look like?

Several guys have answered so far (thanks...and more are certainly welcome), but can some girls answer, too, please? I'd love to see what "we" think as well... Thanks!


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  • Teleportation

    I'd use it to spoil my best friend with her cravings.

    I'd use it to beat the morning commute (more like avoid it all together).

    I'd use it on Black Friday and other shopping days to get the best deals (and jumping time zones to make sure I get what I wanted).

    I'd use it to get groceries for old ladies.

    I'd use it to go on a vacation anywhere I want. :D

    I'd use it to rescue people stranded by floods.

    For business

    I'd charge to send expedited overseas priority mail within a matter of minutes.

    I'd charge to teleport those who are afraid of flying and need to get somewhere fast.

    For superhero stuff

    I'd teleport a bad person (someone caught robbing a bank, or murdering someone, etc.) up to the top of a building so I could hear their case. If what they say isn't cutting it, I'd teleport them and myself off the building then let go and teleport myself somewhere else. Bad person goes splat and thus less crime.

    I'd teleport an explosive device to a safe area for the bomb squad.

    • Wow, you sure thought this through, KERMIT, thanks!

      Any thoughts, though, on the last two parts of the question? (i.e., would it become a secret identity or just be "part of you", and, if secret ID, what might you call yourself and what would you look like?)

      Thanks again,


    • It depends.

      If there are other people with new powers then I wouldn't keep it a secret (i.e. secret identity).

      If the gov't came after me as in wanted me to work for them to do their dirty work like agent extraction, I'd refuse. If they stole my friends/relatives to get me to work with them, I'd be one bad muther focker.

      If I had to pick a name it might be Houdini. I'd probably just wear a red and black mask that I can pull over my head. Red/black in honor of the color change card trick.

    • Ha, very thorough, KERMIT, thanks again!


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  • i want to be invisble so I can look at girls


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