Which is better - delete or block and cutting off communications?

Getting over your first isn't so easy when the relationship was serious and things ended a little stiff ...so when you have an ex who is good when it comes to smooth talking his way in or just even hitting you up randomly when ever you moved on...

them feelings could still be there but when your tired of the same oh b.s from them and the sneaky smooth fb IM convos you know its time to bring it to an end ,you have to cut off all contacts...phone number and FB so I blocked him...he deleted me last fall and then added me again...and this time I blocked him which felt good ...do you think I should had deleted which he would of notice or blocked and he wouldn't of notice(maybe) and mad him confuse and later relies he was blocked

even tho we will not be communicating on the NET I will still most likely see him in public maybe a a couple of times a month or maybe every week ones summer is over and everyone is back in class...n their maybe times we WILL see each other as we are going home... ..i hope I don't even give him a chance to say hey or hug me like he always do...do you think I should cut him off completely or give a fake wave and keep it moving


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