Should I let it go or what?

my boy friends of 8 years cheated on me and I have been trying hard to forgive him because I love him and I have messed up a long time ago to and he forgave me but its just the way he did it that I can't get over . first of all when I cheated I new I was wrong and I was very hurt by what I did and I told him about it right away .

but when he did it to me he didn't tell me I found it out by the girl texting him at 2am one night . I grab the phone from him cause I new no one texts him that late I new something was up . I called the number and the girl told me that she and him just hung out a few times and they had sex 3 times. then I asked where she met him from and she told me on a chat line . when I asked him about it he said he met here at the store and not in a chat line but I don't believe him at all then he told me they only did it two times and it was in the same day but I don't believe that either . she had no reason to lie to me and I no she didn't any way he tell me he is sorry and wants me but it hurt so bad and what is really bad is I don't no if he is really sorry or not and I no he is not telling me everything I even found a naked pic of this girl she sent him in his email to but it was from the time he cheated . how do I tell if he is really sorry ? when I want to talk about it he don't and just tells me ( I told you I was sorry now stop it ) maybe I should just leave but we been together so long what could I do and do you think he is sorry?

the worst part is he just moved in with me ( cause he lived 5 hours from me ) and I found all this out like 2 weeks after he moved in . I been trying to get him to move in with me for a long time and I was so happy when he did it then all this happen
i really want to hurt him like he did me is that wrong .. I don't wanna cheat I just want to hurt his feelings to I no I'm wrong but it would make me feel better


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  • You should have a hard time forgiving him. It's one thing if it were a kiss, but it's sex on numerous occasions. Who knows if she has STD's? If you forgive him, that's just permission to do it over and over. Guy's don't change. I promised myself I'd never cheat on the girl I loved, ever. Opportunity arose one night to hookup with the big boobed freckled blond from the first floor.. and I did. It hurt me inside after for awhile, but I still had the capacity to do it. I am a nice guy, with no self control for sex. That makes me a jerk.

    • Two wrongs don't make a right. If you cheat, then he can go tell everyone you're a whore for doing that. Regardless of whatever he did in the first place. Have him move out, take a "break", the space will really bother him.

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    • Honestly? Just leave him. This is too much work for you. He may tell you the whole thing, but you're still not going to believe him and try to dig more out. Leave him, ignore him, and it'll drive him nuts.

    • Ok will do

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  • Maybe he was cheating on you all along, that's why he didn't want to move in with you, only reason you found out because he moved in with you. If you let it slide he will keep doing it if you are OK with that great if not time to find someone else but lots of guys cheat so that might be hard to do


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  • dont forgive and forget. he has done this...what makes you think that he won't do this again? its incredibly low that he cheated on you off of some slut he met on the chat line. chances are, he'll do it again. he doesn't seem like a faithful kind of guy. Are you guys losing spark in this relationship or what? I think its best if you take a break from him.

    • Yeah I can't believe he met some bitch from a chat line . that don't just happen he wanted it to happen and he made it happen . what a jerk he didn't even no the girl really . well he is still at my house casue he lives 5 hours away from me and he just move in with me not long ago and I found this all out 2 weeks after he got here . ( we been together for along time and are family is all friends to ) he took a bus down here and don't got way home less he take one back but I don't want him to go bu

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