Is moving this slow a good thing?

A guy I've been interested in and I went out for a birthday party and danced together (quite suggestively). He then came over to my place after. He asked if we could have sex and I said it was too soon and he said he respected that. He then held me and we went to sleep. Next morning we hung out and then he went home. We still haven't even kissed.

Is he just moving slowly with me (this is the first guy who's ever been okay with that) or did I just get put in the friend zone?

Thanks for the advice guys, I'll let you know how it goes.


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  • Trust me, taking it slow is not what your doing...other guys are just going to fast...way too fast... your relationship "speed" seems reasonable and I'm sure that you didn't get put in the friend zone ...if he said he respects then I'm sure there must be something going on, if he follows up with to him about more personal things and you'll know if he just wants to be friends or not by his attitude. Talking to him about it is still the best way to get the answers you want...see if he takes you out on a date


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  • No you are not in the friend zone. Take it day by day and spend time getting to know one another. It is great that he respects your decision. If he is still calling you or keeping in contact with you than he probably cares about you.


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  • slow is always the best thing to do! Trust me!


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