What are some things that a boy will do to let you know he likes you?

What are some of the telltale signs that he is into you?

Are they always obvious hints?


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  • Yeah they definitely are. Of course we try to hide it as much as me can and give as much little hints away.

    He tries to plan dates or places to hang out with you.

    He likes talking to you a little more than other girls

    He puts in extra effort with everything to do with you.

    Basically he treats you like a princess and a total suck-up, acts all caring and nice.

    However if he was smart and get's plenty of the 'ladies'. It's a little harder because those types of guys generally talk to every girl the same way. They talk 'sexy and irresistible' language. And if they like you they'll know how to get you if they want to.You just have to go with the flow with these types of guys. You'll just find yourself somehow in a relationship with these 'badboys'.

  • when he sticks his d*** into you, it's a tell


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