My ex boyfriend moved on - is it bad I don't want it to work out?

my ex boyfriend and I dated for a year and a half its only been a month since we broke up and he is already talking to a new girl and says he really likes her. am I bad ex if I don't want it to work out because I want him back?i really love him and he says he doesn't love me anymore like he used to he only loves me like a sister or friend. Will he still miss me and think of me even tho he has a new girlfriend? I know I should move on and I'm trying to but I'm not going to lie I want him back. I don't know if this is a rebound relationship for him or if he really wants it to work. I just don't know what to do. I know he cares deeply for me and he says he doesn't know what the future holds

he broke up with me and sd he doesn't know if he loves me or not and our love is fading and only considrs me like a sister right now but I am going to try to give him time if he wants to contact me I'm sure he will. I do also believe this is a rebound
but he keeps saying its not a rebound its only been a week of him talking to her so I guess in time I will see
our relaitonship ended good to begin with but since then I have been trying to contact him a lot and now its not so good but I think time will make it better if I don't seem needy or if I try to move on but I do want him back


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  • Honestly I think this is a rebound relationship. It really depends how your relationship was until the end and who broke up with who. Even for guys its not like were going to just forget about a girl weve been with for that long. This sounds like something a woman would normally do! :)

    My honest opinion is that the relationship he is having won't last long but regardless you will need to get over him to make him miss you!

    It will be hard but you need to stop contacting him. Give it at least a month of no contact so that he has some time to miss you. Chances are that once you stop contacting him, everything little detail he doesn't like about this new girl will make him think about you.

    Plan for the worst but hope for the best

    • I hope your right that he needs to miss me that I should stop contacting him because I will admt I have been seeming needy and kinda crazy texting him a lot and trying to get him back. I am going to give him a month like you said and see if he will contact me if he doesn't I will probably try calling him once and if he doesn't answer I will probably just leave him alone. he claims that he likes this girl and its not a rebound but I guess time will tell

    • Do you think he will still miss me although he claims he doesn't love me like he used to he only loves me like a sister or friend? would you come back to someone if you said you werent in love with them like you used to be but missed them ? I just don't know what to think. how long would it take you to get over a year and a half relationship and forget them

    • How long does a rebound usually last. would you come back to a girl if you missed her but you said you didn't love her like you used that you love her more as a friend/sister.? would missing me be enough to come back to me.

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  • There's nothing wrong for having feelings for a person that you spent a year and a half with. However he has moved on and you should start thinking about your happiness. I know moving on is difficult but now its time to start thinking about you.

  • I'm going through a break up of my own at the moment and even after a month of no contact I still want her back. It hurts me to say this but for me (and our relationship was 2 years) I think it will be at least 6 months. I know I said his relationship was a rebound one but that doesn't necissarily mean he wants you back. Maybe he is insecure and misses the company of having a relationship but my advise was that your best chance at any kind of reconciliation is no contact for a month! :)

    The questions your asking don't really have any relivance to the answers you want. If he loves you then he will swallow his pride and make things work. That's the bottom line for all relationships I guess. If you love someone enough (providing they don't abuse you or cheat on you) then everything else is a minor hicup :)


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