Will guys cheat just because they think their girlfriend will while on holiday?

I'm going on a girls holiday this week to Greece and my boyfriend thinks I'm going to cheat on him.

haye probably thinks this because before he met me he went on lads holidays every year and never slept with anyone (because I was his first) but got off with girls and did stuff.

so from his experience he thinks I'm going to do stuff with guys, as this is my first girls holiday.

to go back to the question... if he is assuming that I'm going to cheat even though I've told him I would never do that. do you think he will cheat? because "im cheating".

if that makes any sense? what do you think?

how do guys react when they are worried about their girlfriend cheating?


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  • i can understand your sense of if he thinks I'm cheating would he do it in retaliation. I don't think he would. it seems like he really cares loves you a lot and the distance is a worry he probably I realting his own situations to the experience because he has nothing else to draw on. you should tell him

    i would never cheat on you I love you and it makes me a little sad that you think I would be capbale of hurting you like that.

    see what he says then

    hope that helps

    • Thanks! I'm glad you understand but yeah I will tell him this before I leave. I hop he doesn't do anything because I could never do that.

      thanks x

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  • I don't worry about it, but it crosses my mind, I just remind myself, that if I can't trust her to not cheat, then why are we in a monogamous relationship.

  • If he accuses you of doing somehting he will probably go and do it himself. If someone wants to cheat they will, 30 to 50% of women cheat accept it, its only an issue if their are children and with dna testing its a non issue...


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  • Honestly, things happen when you're on holidays unless you are truly so dedicated to that person you are with. But 97% of the time someone in a relationship going on a cruise/holiday with a group of friends, they get easily influenced by their friends. And obviously when you're on a cruise/holiday there will bound to be a couple good looking fellows trying to get their holiday fling. So I don't blame your boyfriend for having insecurities.

    If he trusts you and loves you enough, I doubt he will do anything. But that also doesn't help that he maybe with his boys the whole time you are gone and his boys may have influences on him and say things that will get him thinking.

    Guys cheat because they can. Especially when they know that no one will find out. They don't think of the consequences.

    Have a talk with him. Reassure him that you won't do anything. It's only a week and sorry I missed the going to Greece thing so yeah. Going to Greece is so much different than going on a cruise. You'll be busy sight seeing and much much more. I don't think you'll have time cheating on him.

    Good luck =)


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