He loves me but be can't commit?

Is that even love if he cannot commit.
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  • Okay so... this is a complex and controversial topic but here goes. A person can have romantic feelings for another yet they don’t really want to be monogamous (sexually). What I mean is that some couples agree to have open relationships, and it turns out great for them. Because at the end, their love for each other is not the same as fucking other guys/girls.

    The fact that he can’t commit can mean two things. Either he doesn’t care about you enough, or he really cares about you but doesn’t know if he can be sexually monogamous

    • Yeah I get what you're saying. I'd probably say the same thing to another person if I were you. But letme tell you a bit more. He's from another city. His parents would never accept for whatever reasons. Love isn't love if you don't fight for it right? That's my question to you.

    • Well it depends. Some people find it hard to have long distance relationships because they can’t meet regularly and have dates.

  • I gotta say no on this one

  • He needs some time.


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