Ladies could you please help me out? TMI

my tummy's been bloated and achy (not crampy just achy) for the last week or so like before you start your period and I just got off of it (it lasted a month because of the depo shot) but anyway last night me and my man went to have sex and when he put it in I had this pain from my cervix and up my left side.. like up to where the top of my hip bone is.. and every time he'd bump my cervix I would feel that pain so we had to stop.. any one know what this could be?

i had a c section 6 months ago I don't know rather this could have anything to do with it


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  • It maybe could have to do with your c-section since your pain is around your cervix. But I really think you need to see your doctor because that could be something serious. Hope you feel better. Good luck =)

  • I'd def call a doctor because you might have an inflamed ovary or something.

    • I didn't even think of that, thanks for bringing it to my attention ill have to google the symptoms

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