Is "taking a break" just an easier way of slowly breaking up with someone for good?

Is "taking a break" just an easier way of breaking up with someone for good? Is the person trying to let the other down easy? Are there other things in their lives right now that are more important than a relationship?

Although some people may disagree with this, I agree to an extent. In most cases, I don't think things will ever be the same between the couple before the break. They might feel pressured to get back together or are trying to repair what's broken between them. But keep in mind, it's not this way for everyone.
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  • It might give you the time you need to get some distance because distance will help you break up for good. I don't know I think it's possibly useful in some instances. there's not really a lot of reasons to half break up though.


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  • I think when someone says they want to take a break, they are really trying to see if they can find someone else. Then when nobody else wants them, or they see that their partner was the best they could get, they come crawling back. It's best to just break up I think.

    • Wow, I really agree with this. I've never thought of it that way.

  • In some cases yes bit its not that simple. With my fiancĂ©e sometimes I just like some alone time.


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