My ex doesn't want a relationship yet because her last ex cheated. How do I show her I'm not like him?

we like each other a lot and her ex is a asshole who cheated on her, and didn't want me to talk to her because he knew me and her have history.After they broke up she apologized to me for being a asshole to me. well then we started to hang out again and she told me she likes me again. Well she says she doesn't wanna date yet because she's not fully over her ex. Well we like each other a lot but she doesn't wanna be date yet because she doesn't wanna go through what she went through with her ex again. She says she knows I won't hurt her or cheat on her like he did. Well what do I do? I wanna show her how much she means to me and that I won't ever hurt her. how should I go about doing it?


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  • I think that you should just be yourself, and don't lie to her. Here's the thing with girls. We build our trust in people, and it doesn't matter how nice you were before. If you lie, then we automatically think that you're awful. Definitely just be nice to her, and don't lie or cheat or steal or anything. Let her know that there's nothing to be afraid of. Take her out on dates and let her choose where to go. I speak for my fellow girls when I say that we like to be in control. Good luck, you sound like a great person :)


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  • But you are like him, you have a penis... and you will probably cheat on her eventually. If she isn't over her ex she might be tempted to get back with him or not over him. If she starts dating you then she signals to the ex its not going to happen. Just wait and be their for her, if she is ready to try again you will be there...

    • The best thing to do is show her, through your actions. let her know that you can trust her. ^like he said^ let her know you'll be there for her regardless. and when she's ready she'll come to you

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