What do I do about my ex?

OK my ex and I broke up two years ago and he still has feelings for me. He's been texting or IMing me on Facebook that past few weeks trying to argue with me. He's so mad at me because I never gave him second chance my my two previous bfs I did. The reason I never gave him a second chance was because he was so worried about a rumor that he said his ex's BFF was going to tell me. It freaked me out. He broke up with me because of this stupid rumor. I wanted to give him a second chance so bad but it still scares me. He's a good guy, he really is. My current boyfriend and I have been together almost a year now and I'm very happy with him. I still think about my ex because I do miss talking to him and I want him to be happy. But I told him this arguing has to stop because it's been almost two years. I just don't know what to do. I sent him a message on Facebook a week or so ago and he hasn't talked to me since because we argued again that night about the whole not giving him a second chance. I know after we broke up I tried talking to him at school because I knew he was hurting so bad. Apparently he's still hurting. What do I do?


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  • Im not sure what you can do if you don't feel the same as he is, the reason he is upset is cause he loves you so much. If all you want to be is friends with the guy then I advise no communication for a long period of time in the hope he moves on and then maybe he can be your friend. On the other hand if deep down your feelings for him are deeper which I think they might be well then this ain't fair on your current boyfriend.

    When a girl won't give you a second chance I can tell you it hurts especially when you know she has done so for other idiot men in the past !

    • I know that I have feelings for both of them still, but my current boyfriend is so good to me. We took a short break this summer to see how important we were to each other and I think he realized that because we got back together. Things are so much better with us now. Honestly I see him being the one and he feels the same about me. It's just my ex and I only knew each other one month as friends then dated a month. Things were good bt us but then something happened and he acted so cold towards me.

    • Im happy for you that this guy and you are really seem to be in love, so then ask yourself why the concern about keeping your ex in your life as a friend if you didn't even know each other too well prior to going out ! ? Is it because you ain't sure if your picking the right guy ? Even the way you say 'my current boyfriend is so good to me' then why even waste a second on what your ex thinks!? How long was the break for ? Did your ex make a play for you during that time?

    • I don't know why I worry about him. I guess because there are still things that are not clear bt us about our breakup. My boyfriend and I took prob a break for like 3 months but we still talked and hung out but as friends. Yes my ex tried making a play during the break but he doesn't know how to handle things. So like he texts me one night and says your profile pic is so hot and he makes comments, but then he's like I gotta go. It's just wierd. Then he won't bother for weeks at a time then he does it again.

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  • If you don't have same feelings for him (your ex) then you have to let him move on. While still speaking with you I don't think he can do that. Cut the contact for a bit at least. Break-ups are hard and both always end up hurt and both have to move on - you did and he has to move on too.

  • You have a choice of how you feel about what happened two years ago.

    But two years is a long time.. You have a boyfriend who you know for 1 year is which great I think.

    With your ex. boyfriend send some boundaries what is acceptable for you to talk online instead of fighting.

    Fighting gets neither of you anywhere..

    Do you still have feelings for him my question is to you? If you do than its not fair

    for your present boyfriend, who may know nothing about the while lot of face book with your ex..

    You ex boyfriend is responsible for his feelings its his choice not yours..

    You are responsible for your own feelings and choices...

    • I have cut the contact because we didn't really talk for almost a year. Then out of the blue he starts texting me again. He finds out I'm in a relationship and is so mad at me. I couldn't wait around forever for him because I wanted to be happy too. I just don't want to see him hurting still. I know he was so cold towards me after a month of dating because of a rumor. He said he had to break up with me because of it. There were things saying he was gay & stuff so it freaked me out. That's why I didn't go out again

    • Yeah block him and limit all contact. Guy sounds like he's a few eggs short of a dozen.

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