Is it over? S.O.S. I am going to break NC

Hi guys (and girls).,

3 weeks after my girlfriend break up with me, and almost all this time we didn't talked (she tried to contact me few times during this period, I don't know the reason though..). So today I revealed that she deleted me from her contacts on Yahoo Msgr, Skype and Facebook.

Is it over ? May be she did it out of frustration ? For the whole 3 weeks I didn't stop thinking about her for a second. But I never begged or asked her back, on the contrary I said her that I respect and agree with her decision and it probably for the best for both of us. I want to send her message that I am miss her. She can do with this whatever she wants. I think it can not be worth.


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What Girls Said 1

  • Hi if she is deleted you from skype and facebook, basically is over.

    That is what I do when I finish with people or there is no rel/ship of any kind..

    unless you want to rekindle the rel/ship. She is just not into you accept the fact and move on.

    Have a life get busy doing your own things, go out with friends make yourself busy

    to get over the hurdle and thinking about her.

    Hope that's helps.


What Guys Said 1

  • Maybe she tried to contact you and you didn't reply so she decided to move on and break all contact...


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