Do all girls just hate their ex?

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I broke up with my girlfriend of two years for HER own good. She was falling classes, not working enough... Pretty much too focused on me. Before I broke up with her initially, I tried to have a more relaxed relationship. Didn't work. I didn't talk to her for a month to help her cope. Now, months later, she talks to me like I'm just anybody. No respect, nothing. Even though I've tried to communicate with her several times, and she calls me when she needs me, usually crying. But, she really doesn't seem to care about me at all, when everything I've done was for her, and I've told her this. Why does she resent me? Right?
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  • I don’t hate my exes. One it’s just awkward to see him. The other it’s complicated. We broke up amicably but I just don’t want to waste the time an energy on him for some reason, there’s no bad blood I just don’t really care.

  • I have had many ex’s and the past and let me be honest. At first it is hard to not hate them. If you really cared about them, it hurts your when you break up and you need distance away from them to get to the right mind set. But once that period is over I normally get back to normal as in talking and being friends again. But t does depend on how the breaking up was done.

  • I don't hate him, even he cheated on me. You hate the person you love.


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