When is it OK to give your ex a massage?

Well my ex just offered. lol. I haven't seen him in 2 months, will see him next month. I was just wondering if that meant anything or it's innocent. I only said my back hurt & that I needed to go to the spa. He didn't answer right away... but other messages he did. Then he just responded to this. I find it hard to believe there's no ulterior motive going on there. Sorry if I'm wrong!

he usually ignores anything that would bring him close to me mentally/emotionally or physically.


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  • sounds like he misses you. Play your cards carefully..

  • hmmm are you sure you want to be doing that? lol. and your update makes him seem like a jerk. and I am so sorry to say that. just feel like I should say something :(

    don't hate me! :)

    • Well he was a jerk and hasn't been much of a friend, I had the trip planned for a while, and decided to go. thought it would be healing by the way we left off. I didn't expect a massage though! lol. don't hate you, I put it out there, gotta hear it all. the update: I meant since we're broken up.. he distances himself to avoid getting close because he doesn't want to get back together (I think).. and I think he's just as vulnerable as i.

    • That doesn't seem to good :(

      I am sorry

      I don't know what to say... Maybe he is just afraid of relationships?

      I have a similar problem. check out my questions. maybe they might help you out as well

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