What is my ex-girlfriend doing?

We've been broken up for more than 2 months, and she tells me we'll never get back together but she still texts me almost everyday?

Even if it's something stupid like "oh I found this at my house" or something more like "just wanted to say I hope you're having a good day" type of messages.

I don't get why she does this? I already told her I can't be just friends with her, and I know she's been hanging out with another guy too even though she says it's nothing serious, but then she still wants to contact me everyday?

It was a 6 year relationship (I'm 23 and she's 25 now) and she knows I want to get back together, and she says no, but won't stop doing this. Last night she even sent me a text asking if I'd get mad if she brought him somewhere where I was going to be. I told her bring him and I won't go, and now she's not bringing him. If we're never going to get back together why would she even bother to ask me such a stupid thing?

I'm confused.


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  • Lay down the law!

    Grow a pair!

    Tell her flat out, "You're confusing me, you say you don't want to get back together but you're texting me this kind of sh*t and are worried about how I feel? I don't want to be friends, I want to be your boyfriend and since you and I don't want the same thing...you need to leave me alone, unless the whole reason you've been doing this is because you secretly want back together. Because...that's what it looks like to me. So, make up your mind."

    Be upfront. Hell, copy that verbatim if you want.


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  • She's toying with you. Stop contact with her, she's not being fair at all.

    She wants the security she's had with you for 6 years even after you've broken up. Each time she reached out you were there...like now. You're like her security blanket.

    You need to take it (you) away from her for good or she won't learn that you're not together anymore and therefore are not there for her anymore. (even if you want to be.. it's just showing weakness and she will feed on and manipulate that)

  • It sounds like she's tryign to make you jealous. or trying to keep you there on the backburner maybe if things don't work out with this new guy. But if she's takign the time to contact you every day it shows that she still deeply cares about you.


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  • She may feel as if she is helping you (expressing the nurturing nature women have) by making sure your OK. She might be completely ignorant of the fact that she is actually making things a lot worse for you in reality.

    Or she might just be screwing with you because she misses you too. Either way I agree with cheshirecat and you should just stop talking to her. If you ignore her completely, go out, display your social and active(assuming you have some form of online social contact with each other ie facebook friends/etc.)

    This will display your not waiting for her, you don't need her, and honestly you'll have fun and get over this faster. I'm not encouraging you to try and play games with her, but just try to move on in a healthy way and stop letting her dangle a lifeline to you that's out of reach just to tease you.


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