Should I give him another chance?

Last summer I started seeing this guy who had been asking me out for about a year previously. I only went out with him because I ran out of excuses not to, but when we did go out, I had a really great time and quickly fell for him. We saw a lot of each other over the next few weeks and were in constant contact by text everyday. Then suddenly, out of the blue, he stops contacting me and acts really distant. I few weeks later I heard he was seeing someone else. I was really surprised and hurt because he showed no signs of losing interest, he just cut off contact all of a sudden.

Anyway, a year has passed and I recently met him on a night out. After that he started getting in contact again and I feel that we're building up to what we started before. He's asked me out a couple of times already but I've made excuses because I'm afraid of what happened last time. I was really upset and don't want to give him the opportunity to make me feel like that again.

But I still really like him and he seems genuine. He's a nice guy and everyone, especially me, was surprised at how he acted last time we were seeing each other.

Should I give him another chance or am I setting myself up for heartbreak again?


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  • Ah no, this is probably a pattern for him. Probably he goes from one girl to the next without notice!


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  • 98% the same thng will happen. This is no doubt a pattern with he guy for years.


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  • Sadly, he's still young, and stupid. While I'd love to believe a guy could change (or a girl to be fair) it's hard to do unless they WANT to. So unless something really earth shattered happened to the guy to suddenly teach him what he did was bad he'll likely do it again. He had no respect for you then.. why does he now suddenly?

    • That's why I'm so unsure as to why he came back. His friend said it's because I dealt with the last time with such dignity and he realized what he lost but I don't know how I can trust him. I really want to because I'm starting to like him all over again.

    • Ask yourself if you are ready to go through the same crap again then. If yes, good luck with it. If you think you deserve better, good luck with that too :)

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