Should we move back or stay here?

My boyfriend and I decided to move out from home, in Seattle to be exact, and we moved across country because we were offered the opportunity of a lifetime, meaning we would only have to pay utilities, but we can live in my great grandparents house (whom are deceased) and my grandmother now owns the house. So we loaded up a 5 by 8 trailer, and bought a truck and moved here. To Akron, Ohio. Got here and not even a week later we find out I am pregnant, we go to planned parenthood and I am 7 weeks pregnant. So now the decision making sets in.

Do we stay in Ohio, where we have all of my family minus my mom dad and brother who are in Washington.

His family is all in Washington, but his parents are about to go through a major divorce and his dad still doesn't know this yet.

go back to living in a house with our parents because of the baby.

do we stay here spend 100 bucks on new Ohio plate and drivers licenses

or go back home when we already have plates waiting on us there because we just bought the vehicle.

if we move back I have to figure it out before the 20th of September because the temp, plate on our vehicle expires.

what should we do?


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  • stay where life will be better over the long-term for the both of you in terms of family planning considerations


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