Should I contact my ex?

I really miss her, and every time I see her at school I get torn up inside. She won't look at me or say hi when we pass in the halls, but she always glances at me when I'm "not looking at her".

Well today I saw her twice after school, which is weird. She was with some friends so I acted like I didn't see her. Then I saw her on the road, and it killed me.

I really want to talk to her, I'm in pain right now. She broke up with me about a month ago because she said her life was too busy with golf, she didn't want to be in a relationship. I asked her if she just lost interest in me, and she said a little.

I don't get it. Like a day before she broke up with me she told me how she cared for me and loved me. We only dated during the summer, but we've known each other for about a year.

I just want to talk to her again, and just causally date her because she told me she couldn't handle being in a relationship when she broke up with me.

What should I do?

Thank you very much

Oh and by the way, we haven't talked since the break up. I saw her Monday at a game, and walked past her and tapped her back, so she knew I was there and that I knew she was there, but I kept on walking.


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  • wat did she do when you tapped her back? did she glare like wtf do you want or oh, hi there embarrased or shyly?

    But definitely tell her your true feelings, be real w her, the next time you see her, say can we talk or have lunch etc. and she most likely will say sure or OK, unless she's a b*tch, what kinda girl is she, shy, loud, social, nice, wat?


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  • tex her and tell her you miss her and love her cam we work things out then wait and see her answer then you will know 1 way or other and move on you will meet some 1 else in time we all have been there I know its sore it will go keep your self busy go out :) if you tex her you will save face

  • Next time you see her just smile and say Hi...And don't go to her or try to open a conversation ...Be more strong and make her feel you are strong

    trust me that will make her look at you deferentially

    u said she told you she lost interest on u...

    will the only way to get her back is to make her feel that you don't care anymore...And just be more confident

    I hope you can make it :)

  • Just tell her you miss her! It's worth a shot, you only live once! Tell her how you feel and how beautiful she is and how you feel torn whenever you see her. Good luck xx


What Guys Said 2

  • I mean if it wasn't a bad break up you could always say that you still want her to be there as a friend. And that if you meant that much to each other you should be able to at least be friends. Or just wait it out.

    • Yeah she said that she still wanted to be friends, and I agreed, but we haven't even been able to just say hey...makes no sense right? hahaha, I've been trying to wait it out but well I don't know lol

    • I guess try to initiate the conversation with her. It is hard to tell what she is thinking, but I mean you can always try. If she seems like she doesn't want to talk or something you can just walk away. It would be her loss, as you tried.

  • Well if you want to get back with her or hook up you might have to try and talk to her, but if she ended she had her reasons, give her time if she wants to be with you she will contact you..

    • Yeah man I see where you're coming from, I had that mentality since the break up. but I just want a casual dating relationship but not an actual relationship. hahaha bro...i have no idea what to do lol

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