How much time it takes a person to move on?

I dunno how much time it can take a person to move on from a relationship.
I mean after breakup from otherside how long it will take this person to stop crying after the other one?
Or forget the memories of that person?
It's been 3 months since my breakup.
I still remember her. Miss her. Cry when I find no way I can talk with her.
Write poems about her and about me Missing her.
I thought it will be soon I will forget her and move on cause she dumped me.
But everyday it becomes more difficult.
I remember her in every moment.
Even while working I miss her.
Sometimes I can't focus on work.
Sometimes I hurt myself to forget her and relief from pain of missing her.
Is there any way someone can forget the other one quickly?
how long I will be like this?
Please help me out on this one.How much time it takes a person to move on??How much time it takes a person to move on??How much time it takes a person to move on??


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  • This only shows that you were madly in love with her. I am in the same boat too since he just abandoned me without a reason, like you I have been miserable for the past 4 months. Asking everywhere about moving on and all that but now I realise without closure it is impossible. Did you get closure? I was with him only for 1.5 months but it has affected my life so much. I know you have heard the 'you'll be fine' over a 1000 times but no one really feels what the other person is going through, it is easy said than done. To properly move on baby steps are needed to be taken, yes I know she's blocked you everywhere (same thing he did with me) and i know that you are hoping for a text one day from her, but there's the problem, it's the 'hope' that causes the misery. The first step would be to accept that it is gone and stop waiting for their name to show up on your phone. Instead have hope for something better, there is always better and it'll show up, even if it takes time. I hope things get better for you.

    • What do you mean by closure?

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    • I followed you

    • It's Mackloan

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  • Someone else. Diversify your girls and friends. If you wallow in sadness alone you make it worse. Like adding gasoline to a fire.
    It may seem like she was the best. But another girl cam make you feel good and you'll forget her. She's already forgetting you. I knw you love her but do you really want to let her win this round? Dont ler her win because she dumped you my friend. She never loved you enough. Fight back and go out with another girl. She'll make you feel good and you'll start to love that one.
    Trust me killing yourself with substance and alcohol will make your emotions worse and won't even change anything except put a dent in your wallet. Instead of buying substances treat another girl out for lunch or dinner

    • I am not drinking or smoking. She made me promise I won't.
      I can't kill myself too. She made me promise on that too.

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    • Then she"s lying to you and playing with your mind and emotions.

      why let her do that to you? She's manipulating you. you're the male. Your meant to lead her. Through hook or by crook not her doing that to you.. Dont let her turn the tables om you

    • Now I Know the real reason. And I won't leave her for that. I will wait if she can contact me.

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  • When a relationship ends you feel a sense of loss. You go through a grieving process. You not only lose the person you love, you lose all the hopes , goals and dreams you planned together. You are now faced with the thought of a future without her. That's a daunting thought. So it takes time to heal. But your memories will fade over time

    People tend to keep themselves from moving on, and keep their own pain raw, because the persistently reminisce about the happier times , and dwell on what couldn't, should've been. So they get locked in a cycle of grief.

    The Only way to move on is to remove all traces of her from your life. Get rid of anything that has sentimental value i. e photos , messages. Also, keep busy and active. Keep your mind focused on things other than her. The reason it's important to keep busy is because time doesn't heal your pain, it's what you do with your time that heals it. Gradually, your feelings will fade and your pain will ease. Only you have control over how long it takes

    • I have deleted all pics, all texts and all things she gave me.
      But I can't get rid of memories.
      She gave me lot to remember.

      I dunno if you will understand it or not. But I was sucidal before she came in my life.
      She gave me life to live.
      A reason to live.

      Do tell me if I can get rid of my life to get over her.

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    • Thanks

    • You're welcome. Take care of yourself!

  • I'm over a year down the line, literally haven't spoken to my ex since we broke up and I still love him more than anything in this world. Even though he's a super massive cunt. It hurts like hell but I've gotten used to it. Focus on self improvement rather than self pity and you'll be fine.

    • I just can't give up on her.

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    • Definitely self improvement as well but moving on normally invovles finding someone else and show them that there are better people and not to get hung up on one person alone. Some people are happier single but this does not seem the case, also amazing what happens when you find another person that the one you wanted suddenly comes back

    • If people learn to be happy alone, they won't be reliant on other people. And other people don't deserve to have people's insecurities shoved on them. Deal with your own issues yourself and then you'll meet someone when the time is right.

  • I think i can relate too coz i also have had a hard time to get over or move on and it is really tough u can't act normally my work really got affected and im like always absent minded the mind says go but the heart say no like. that scenario and it sucks😂 but i didn't lose track of my faith and i believe that Jesus is my strength and im confident in his love for me which is i can say really keeps me going right. now and ofc family support yea have faith u can heal just believe😐

    • I don't have a family support.

    • Oh sorry to hear but yea. life goes on if u have faith

  • Hey. You know what helps. Deleting any trace of them from your life, any tiny thing that reminds you of her. Whenever you start thinking of her say "stop" out loud or in your mind. Saying stop will disrupt the flow of the thinking. Just try to act like she never existed and try to move on with your life

    • Delete all the emo pictures too. They make it worse hun

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    • Promise me you'll try to get over this. I recently got out of a breakup and it's been tough. Hurts to see other people suffering because of heartbreak too

    • Should I laugh or cry?
      She used me make me promise on things too
      Like I will never hurt myself.
      Will never drink
      Will never smoke
      Will never fight with someone

  • The day you decide you decide to meet another person to get close to in a romantic way. This could be 10 years or 1 day. It's up to you.

  • If you really loved her, it'll take a lot of time.. it'll be hard but you go through the phase of feeling like you have no one.. it'll heal in time.. just a lot of time :/

    • I don't want people I know to know that I miss her so bad. So I am asking if I can get rid of that feeling soon. I don't want my healing time to be my life time.

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    • If you know at the end of the day it upsets you, surround yourself with people at night whether its friends or family

    • There's none to be around me at night or even in days.

  • It depends on how much that person loved their ex so

    • Loved her more than my life.
      Still I love her.

    • It's going to take a lot of time to get over her, since you still lovw her. But it is possible if you meet new people

    • I am trying to meet new people.
      But they remind me of her more.
      The things they do reminds me of her.
      Like your answers.
      She used to say good things like this to me everyday


  • Everyone is different why and how are also major factors

    • So it's not sure how long it will take me to stop hurting myself?

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    • Trying to get under someone but they leaves saying they can see her in my eyes.

    • Wow that is deep, that was beautiful

  • Well the fact that she broke up with you makes it harder because you found nothing wrong with the relationship but she did. You have to treat this like death. (Hate to say it like that.) You have to find new meaning in life. Hobbies help a lot. Got to the gym, listen to music (not sad ass love songs either!), spend time with friends and family, get a puppy get another job, find things to keep you busy. Everything in life has to be done differently now. If you normally go left to go to the store, try going right. If you always eat at McDonalds, start eating at Chick-fil-A. If you always drank Coke, try Pepsi. Time and change are the only things that will help! After all they are the only things in life that are consistent!! God loves you, he will get you through!! Romans 8:18

    • Easy to say

    • YOU’VE GOT THIS!! You’re young! There are so many things in life to enjoy. It’s all in how you look at it. Wake up with high expectations!! Take a look at your sexy in the mirror everyday and tell yourself, “I got this! I didn’t lose her, she lost ME!” Bring your sexy back dude!! I know you’ve got it!! I’m gonna bet that in the next 3 months you won’t feel the way you feel now. You won’t be exactly where you wanna be, but I guarantee you won’t be here!! #ClaimIt

    • Thanks I will try that.

  • It depends how deeply you loved her... Moving on can take a month to a year, maybe more. I did the same thing as you and wrote poems, thought about them all the time, but only hurt myself while he toyed with me after breaking up. Its hard, I know, but you gotta eventually say enough is enough and start doing things to keep you busy and meet new people. Sometimes that's what it takes for the other person to realize "omg they're moving on" and the roles reverse. Its happened to me a couple times. I still have a past love that will message me out of the blue, but I have already moved on and found my true love. But hurting yourself is something not to be taken lightly, it would be a good idea to talk to your doctor and find a good councellor. I am BPD and that is common in my disorder

    • She doesn't know about me and hasn't texted me and can't know about me cause she has blocked me everywhere.
      So it's not like she cares if I will move on or not.
      I just miss her so much.
      I wanna be with her..
      I wanna hold her again.
      I wanna tell her stories.
      I wanna tell her poems.
      And all that one will want to feel the other that he loves her. r

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  • It varies from person to person and the relationship. In my experiences along it has taken me 3 days after one relationship and 2 years for another. The best advice I can give you is to turn your gaze upon yourself and fall in love with you. The beautiful thing here is if you can't love yourself, You have the ability to turn yourself into someone you can fall in love with :)

    • I'm trying to move on but it's hard when I am alone. When I can't share my thoughts or anything with people whom I know..

    • Just 2 days ago, I had a very overwhelming sense of loneliness to the point I was bawling my eyes out. But then my father came Into my room and I realised I wasn't as lonely as I thought. The moral here is even if you feel lonely or suicidal, as I've seen in your response to someone else's opinion. There are people who you can reach out to and trust. Be it parents, friends, other family members or even work mates. Just remembered support can come from the unlikeliest of places.

    • It's easier said than done.
      When you're person people are holding on.
      You can't be weak in front of them
      Else they will be broke and will do something more stupid.
      And being strong for so long is a curse for someone who can't bear it anymore.

  • Surely it depends on the relationship you two had, it can be hard moving on especially when the other was that special someone for you. I was in a relation that lasted two years (that's a long or short time depending on the point of view of anyone) and it took me some times getting over, but surely it happen one day or an other

    • I was with her for 2 months and it's been 3 months and I think I will remember her for my life time and can't get rid of her. And want her to come back.

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    • Let time pass, change your mind, occupy yourself, treat yourself

    • I do everything I can. I even go to blue collar jobs. ( I don't need that much money) and be tired at last so I can sleep easy but she comes in my dreams. Making them my nightmares.

  • All depends about the abillity of finding something new, or being positive quickly.

    • Can't find someone new

  • It's been a year for me and i still haven't moved on, but meeting new girls makes me feel a lot better, actually come PM i'll tell u what to do

    • I know it feels good in start to meet new girls but when you see some things see used to be like you will miss her more with other girls around you.

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    • Devilbackwimgsoffire

    • Devilbackwingsoffire

  • I don't know the answer to this. One partner I missed for 5 years. Others I don't give a damn about from the moment they left

    • The one was your love I guess.

    • the problem is the one you actually loved makes everyone else afterwards irrelevant

    • True. I can't even date a girl without thinking about her.

  • It totally and completely depends on you, your ex, and your relationship. Also on how healthily you've been processing the breakup. Any formula like "half the length of the relationship " is complete madness.

    I was in a 2.5 month long relationship and 5 months after the breakup I'm still not fully over it.

    If it's taking you longer than you hoped to get over someone, that's usually OK. Except that you also mentioned that you're hurting yourself and unable to focus. Is there any way you would have access to therapy / counseling? Because that stuff helps a lot. It may seem silly to go to therapy for a breakup but breakups are one of the most universally shitty experience there are and it's never a bad idea to ask for help.

    Tl;dr I can't tell you how long it'll take to get over her but taking care of yourself and asking for help can only help you.

    • From where I am going to a counselor or a psychiatrist means I am mad or crazy and people should stay away from me.

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    • I have tried 7 cups

    • They just listens to us.

  • It can be instant or in my case last a life time depends on who u are

    • Same feelings brother.

  • Took me 4 years after being married to the one I loved

  • Till someone not comes in their life who makes them feel crazy happy osm etc nd they move on

  • It depend on his experience

    • Experience of what?

    • If he was really in love or just a simple flirt

    • I asked about love. Who says you need a move on from simple flirt?

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