Should I tell the truth or just say we've grown apart?

About 8 months ago I moved from my home town for work and school. I had this "fling" with this girl mostly touching but a few times a little more than that. Anyway about a month ago the got my cell number and called me asking me out, I said I don't do long distance relationships (the real reason was I wasn't into her). She begged and finally wore me down and I agreed to get with her.

Well about 2 weeks ago I had discovered that I only agreed to go out with her 'cause I wanted her physically. Well I don't like to be that player guy but sometimes I do things that make me out to be a player.

I want to break this off before I do give in to my physical desires, but I don't want to hurt her. She just had a bad break-up prior to asking me out and she still had some problems dealing with it, I helped her work through most of her problems. I know she is still vulnerable but I just don't have any interest in her other then a physical sense.

So should I just tell her I only liked her for her body, or just say we have grown apart and I'm too busy to keep up with a long distance relationship?

Also would it make any difference if I did this in person? I am going back home for a few days to see other friends, would it be a good idea to talk then, or wait till after? If I did break up with her before my trip should I avoid her?

I have been tearing myself up inside trying to figure this out.

I know what I did was wrong and a man should never act on lust alone, I feel like a demon for having led this girl on for my own selfish gain, but I care more about hurting her then my own sins.

I just need some guidance here.

Should I tell the truth or just say we've grown apart?
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