I really like her and want a second chance!

I met this girl around May and her family is close to mine, we kicked it off good and soon we started 'casually dating'. The thing is, we live far away, like 30 min apart, but at one point she decided she wanted to be more serious but I backed out and convinced her to keep things like this.

Then I stopped being the same, and I admit I got too comfortable and stopped treating her like I had, even being moody with her and arguing over stupid stuff. And I never thought she would be the one to leave me because she basically threw herself at me and I got farther with her sexually than anyone she's been with before, (went down on her and some finger action) I know she could have lied, but I told her that I wouldn't care if she already had some form of sex action, but she kept saying that she was being honest and that she had never done anything at all. I'm not a virgin and I told her, and she didn't care, obviously she trusted me enough, and I felt really special that she would want me to be her first of some sorts, since she wasn't planning on having sex yet anyways.

But 2 weeks later, she tells me to just be friends since schools gonna start and she's gonna want to go out with guys there, and I just felt so bad, because I was planning on it lasting more, I felt really comfortable with her and even tho I've lasted longer in other relationships, with her and her family I felt so good and happy, I just felt so happy, and when she took her decision, I realized I took her for granted.

Its been 2 months, and we don't talk or text like we did anymore, I don't even see her that often anymore, it doesn't hurt as bad as before now, I'm good now, and even though I know I could get another girl easily to forget about her, I really don't want to because I want HER back, its hard to explain.

I know it hurt her too, her mom let me know, but I think she is talking to other guys now, and this girl is so special that she won't last single a long time, it really breaks my heart, I just don't understand how she could go from making me feel like the most special guy in the world to being a complete biatch with me, I know I messed up, but I apologized and I just wanna know if I might have some chances in the future or what to do from now on... What do you guys think? any advice is welcomed
I really like her and want a second chance!
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