Is it better regularly talking to your ex or hardly contacting them, if you want them back?

If you want you ex (bf) back is it best to talk to them e.g. on MSN etc or is it better to lose contact with them a bit if you want them back because you still love them?

We have the same group of friends so I am still friends with him so do see him fairly regularly and whenever we talk on MSN I always start conversation. But is it best I stop talking to him first online and only really talk to him if he talks first?

We are starting college in a couple of weeks time, and going to different colleges and I don't want to lose contact with him altogether when we start college.

We went out for 1 year and 3 months and he broke up with me 3 months ago and are both 16.


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  • I found when I strayed away from talking to my ex he was more interested in me, after a couple months of not talking to you it will feel new again, not to mention lots of new things to talk about.

  • Disappear, then he'll wonder about you and come around. It's the art of mystery! ;-)


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