Is "I can't handle a relationship right now" just a line?

I was seeing this guy at the end of last school year for about six weeks, when summer came we decided to just wait the summer and see where we were when we came back. He told me I could see other people if I wanted. He was seeing another girl for about 3 weeks but after that ended in mid July he's been talking to me online a lot. He'll bring up stuff we did together before and he'll initiate the conversation. When I came back to school, He still calls me Tiffy online and in text sometimes Miss Tiffany and smiles and stuff when he sees me. when I asked him if I still had a chance, he told me that "i don't think I can handle any sort of relationship right now. I can barely hold some of my friendships together at the moment. I think friendship is the best thing for us right now tiffy. I told him I was very sad because he made me really happy, but that if he ever needed a date to an event or just wanted a movie cuddle to call me. He said we could arrange that sometime. I know I can see other people if the option arrives and we're still smile when we see each other. I guess I just want to know if he really means " he can't handle a relationship" or if he's just using that as a line to not date me.


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  • it's an excuse for I want to get out because I can't control things or it's too much to deal with or possibly trying to get FWB

  • I can see how you feel, but remember that putting yourself in a position where there's physical contact involved you're opening yourself up for more pain. I know how it seems like a good idea, and it'll probably make you feel pretty good to be back with him again; but remember, if he's not interested in a relationship the cuddling really isn't going to help out either of you. In the end, I'd play it safe, if he's open for a relationship and you both feel as though it's manageable then by all means, enjoy yourselves responsibly. However, if it doesn't seem like there's any hope, then why open up old wounds?


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