Why did he want me to ask HIM how he felt about me?

Why did he want me to explain why I did not ask him how he felt about me- Why didn't he just tell me how he felt, if he doubted things. Tbh I'm not used t talking about how I feel ,or how other people feel.. If it seemed so obvious to him , why didn't he just ask me how I felt about the situation, it simply did not occur to me to that & I would never assume anyone would WANT to talk about how they feel anyways..

We've only been going out for two weeks& I got busy & things got complicated & I lost touch with him for a few days. So I left him a note in his dorm room, saying if he wanted to hang out,ONLY because I didn't want to bother him while he was studying. I don't know why that bothered him & why he took that as me not wanting to hang out - what's the issue here I thought it was a good solution since have a studio,i don't work at home & he does work at home- is he just looking for problems, I really don't understand what his problem is?


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  • Leaving a not is kinda impersonal, would have been better if you asked or texted etc...its like you where their and left something behind when you could have contacted him before...

    • :-) I didn't want to bother him working, that's why I thought the note would be a good compromise... it didn't occur to me that it would be insulting.

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