My ex refuses to speak to me after I️ broke up with him, and I️ regret it?

I️ need advice on how to handle this situation. I️ dated this guy, and was so crazy about him. We hadn’t seen each other in a week because of conflicting schedules, so I️ was looking forward to seeing him on the weekend. Then Friday comes along, and he won’t answer a single text until afternoon the next day. I’m left confused and concerned, and he accuses me of freaking out and says he was sick. He still barely texts me back and then Sunday bailed on our plans last minute. I️ was being overly paranoid and suspicious, and his responses were nowhere near reassuring. So, in result of me being in my head I️ ended it with him. He read the message and didn’t respond. The next day, his best friend was telling me I️ overreacted and he was puking the whole weekend. Feeling guilty, I️ texted him trying to make up. He blocked me on Facebook, and although my number isn’t blocked won’t respond to a single message. I️ started to go crazy, the next two days blowing up his phone desperate for a response. His best friend again texted me, saying to leave him alone and he seems over the relationship. After, I️ started no contact on my own. So now it has only been two days of me not reaching out, 4 days of him not messaging back. I️ regret my decision: I️ overreacted and was suspicious he cheated because of distrust in past relationships. I️ want him back and would do anything to show him. Does it sound hopeless to hope he’ll come around, or do you think he may cool down and talk? It doesn’t even have be to get back together but just to talk. We had never fought before this and in the blink of an eye this relationship was gone.
My ex refuses to speak to me after I️ broke up with him, and I️ regret it?
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