I think I let a really great thing get away, and I'm reeling from the loss!

I had a huge interest in this one girl I know. We probably had the best chemistry I've ever experienced (even though I was in a 6 year relationship before). This was the biggest crush I've ever had on a girl before. For whatever reason it didn't pan out. But we still talk. Even though I joined countless dating sites, I was still trying to hang on to hope with this girl that I really liked a lot. I found out a couple days ago that she's been seeing this guy she works with who is a complete d-bag loser with NO personality (and a virgin who's never had a girlfriend). They're both 25 by the way...I can't really tell you the whole story because I'll be typing for days, but I became physically and emotionally sick to my stomach when I found out that they hooked up. I'm still not over it, and it hurts badly. It's still fresh on my mind since I just found out about this out 2 days ago. Even though I'm talking to new girls on these sites, that's not enough for me. I really need some kind of closure, and I feel like I let the possible love of my life get away, and the feeling sucks...


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  • Fight for her, talk to her let her know how you feel.. nothing gained nothing lost.. I've had friends before who have liked me and I have liked them but they were too shy to tell me so I just gave up or didn't even realize. If she's special then fight for her because there's obviously some reason why you're still hung up on her. :) good luck


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