What do all these things my ex did mean??

Me and my ex boyfriend went out for 1 year and 3 months and he split up with me 3 months ago as he said I had pushed him away because of my moods and questions and he couldn't put up with them anymore.

A month or so ago we were at a stay-over party and we were in the same single bed and we were acting really close- looking into each others eyes, flirting, we ended up kissing a few times and touching each other etc. I asked him what it meant the next day but he said to him it was just a goodbye if anything.

He has also said to me, "even though it may not seem like it ,i miss you, I miss you like crazy".

We went out just us two to this place in the countryside and he was acting really nice e.g. gave me his jacket cause I was cold and refused to take it back when he was cold, gave me a piggyback, sitting close to me, wiping chalk on my face, he offered both his hands to help me up when I was sat on the floor , nuzzled his nose with my nose etc.

He has also said that I am one of the last people he would choose to fall out with.

But despite all of this, he never talks first on msn, doesn't really text me or anything, doesn't flirt with me (apart from those times we were alone) but flirts with other girls. And he has feelings for another girl and has done for about 2 months now.

What does all this mean? and Why did he do them?


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  • Hes not over you, you have a past, he might still keep you as a friend, friends with benefits or hook up possilbity or come back to you latter on the back burner..


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  • He is not saying you are a bad person. He is saying you have qualties that he couldn't deal with - your questions -- your pushing him away with your moods... etc. etc. That would drive ANY guy away. They do NOT like girls who are MOODY. Please work on that and determine why you can't be a bit more stable. What's going on in your life that is making a relationship so difficult for you? I would guess you have a huge trust issue... How's your relationship with your Dad? Do guys have a tendency to leave you? Think about it.. This guy. he was being nice to you.. He certainly did miss many things about you - You know he's moved on, Sweetie. He flirts with other girls. He does not text you first.. etc. All the signs are there that he is no longer interested, romantically - but he wants to remain a distant friend. He has taught you a valuable lesson and pointed out to you ( not all guys would do this)... what he had a problem with. Learn from this experience and try not to repeat these behaviors that drive these guys awway! THAT is more important than you trying to figure out what's going on in his head.. WHAT is going on in YOURS? Tough questions.. See if you can find some answers to make your life happier. And NEVER NEVER believe that some guy is the answer to your happiness. YOU ARE. Hugz.


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