What would you choose - wisdom or your special someone?

What would you choose, wisdom or your special someone?

I personally would choose wisdom.


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  • I'd choose someone special. Wisdom is something your acquire overtime no matter if you are the most dense person in the world or Einstein, it's just how we were created as human beings. When you fall in love for the right reasons and with the "someone special" then here's the best part, you don't have to be the wisest person, the smartest, the prettiest, the skinniest, the best looking, the funniest... because the person whos the right special someone... will love you for you who you are. Falling in love in itself is magical, its what human beings were put on the earth to do not just procreate but to connect.

    Being wise is wonderful and everything, but wisdom doesn't give you a hug when you need it, it doesn't take your breath away, or give you someone to share your wonderful insight with. Another good thing about wisdom is it can't hurt you but id rather be hurt a 100x then go a lifetime without ever being open to the possibility of love.

    I'd choose love, because with love you can do things you never thought you could do. You have a true supporter in your corner, your best friend is right behind you when you think there's no one there. They share your triumphs, your disappointments, the ups and downs of life together. When you find someone truly special they won't want to argue with you... they just wanna have fun with you and they love you. So remember even the wisest of men new the pure importance of love.


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  • I'll be honest. I'm a greedy person, so I'll take both even if its against the rules. Who say we can't gain knowledge, and at the same time fall in love? We have only one life. I would grasp all that I can and not just focus on one certain thing. But the right answer is really simple. Do whatever that feels right for you.

    • Because if you gain knowledge you understand that falling in love is pointless.

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    • You sound very young or immature You haven't tripped yet if you still think love it pointless. You're just lusting or infatuated.

    • No one ever could give me just one reason why it's not pointless.

  • special someone

    ignorance is bliss :)

  • The Special Someone


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  • The girl I love is worth more to me than any amount of wisdom. I don't know that more knowledge will make me a happier person. I do know, however, that I'm happier when I'm with my loved ones. I'll take being ignorant and in love over being wise and alone.

    • Sooooo sweet!

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    • Huh. Are you a Psych major Anon?

    • Finance, actually. But anyway, the discussion should end here.

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