Is this not OK to do?

To let a guy spend a night on the first date? And why not? And lets say there was no sex, but you let him kiss and rub on you a little (no oral). Before that, the first date went great.


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  • Well...

    I ended up spending the night at my bf's place the first date. We didn't do anything, not even kiss. We were snuggled on the sofa watching a movie after going out to dinner and we kinda just drifted off. But it was nice waking up in his was very sweet

    • Man, that's what I want to do but I get weak when a guy starts kissin on me and although we didn't have sex, we shouldn't have done that yet either. I'm really tryin to do it the right away but I'm not really enforcing that. I mean, your guy may not have tried, but most do and I tend to let them do a little bit or go all the way. But last night I let him kiss my chest and rub and I wish I didn't. Its so hard casue I enjoy it so much.

    • I don't think there is a right or wrong way of dating, it's what is right for you.

    • Well I broke it off with him today because of that. Was that stupid? I left it on his voice mail because his phone has been off all day since he left this mourning. He left at 830am. Was that too early to leave and do you think that's a bad sign that he lost interest? Like I said we had a good date, told me I make him feel comfortable, that I'm gonna be his girl, and that we fibe so good.

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