Past relationships are affecting me...isn't it OK being single? for how long? when should I date again?

Well I'm use to having a new guy in my life rather its a boyfriend which by the way I haven't had a lot of and I'm fine by that or a guy I'm trying to figure out..

But I'm starting to see that I want to take a break from talking to guys for a really long time last ending was very overwhelming and I was crushed so horribly a week ago. I always say I'm going to focus more one me and my career but now I'm 100% sticking to it...i guess it took me to get heartbroken for my first time to have me come and relies guys should not be on my menu right now ...I'm not one of those girls who always have a boyfriend or after breakups I rush into something new I never been like that...

I'm just kind of have given up on hope and finding that guy hoping he come to me...i always let the guy come to me and I never go looking for bfs...but the ones that come end up hurting sometimes that makes me question should I go looking like my friends do? idk...i want to fine out who I am as a person and doing that I have lost hope and a lack of trust in guys or just people in general.


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  • so cynical and jaded, sigh, maybe try flirting with guys you like, at least you will have a chance of ending up with someone you like...


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  • do you HAVE to have a b f? if not don't worry about it- what's the big deal?

    if you want a b f go find one but you don't have to have one either.

    • Yea thanks....nall I don't have to have one...i just don't know when will I ever want one and can trust again

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