How do you walk up to someone you have never met to talk with out seeming like a creep?

I need a lot of help with this.


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  • Just approaching someone without knowing anything about them can be pretty hard for a lot of people. Takes guts and confidence to do it that's for sure, so if your at least trying to walk up and talk to random people congrats, your doing better than many people.

    Just be friendly or cocky/funny if you can pull it off. You don't want to be overbearing when you first meet someone or act desperate.

    And do you mean for like meeting girls while your out? Or like talking to people in class? A few more details will help.

    • It is more just meeting girls in general.

    • Just trying to meet and start to date girls you've never met and know nothing about can be rough. I think its something a ton of guys struggle with honestly and mostly because they are too shy and assume she has a boyfriend or is out of the league, etc. Basically guys psych themselves out and then lose the chance before they take it.

      But when I am trying to meet or start a conversation with someone I don't know I usually try to make a little joke or compliment to see how they react

    • But just don't dwell too long on how excited you are to be talking to her. Just keep the conversation short. Tell her you'd like to go and grab a cup of coffee with her later, or maybe dinner later in the week and get her number. And go from there. I'm not the best with cold approaching either but that's worked the best for me.

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