Guys-getting back together if the break up wasn't for serious reasons?


I was wondering if any of you guys would consider getting back with an ex girlfriend, if the reasons you broke up was because the relationship had become stale... ie. very routine and slightly boring, that you didn't really talk as much so lost the spark a bit, different friendship groups...

but then she made an effort to change the way things were, you got talking again and did more interesting things together (within a group of mutual friends etc).

Do you think it would be possible to get the love/ spark back - feel like the relationship was worth having again?

thank you



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  • Of course! :)

    Maybe you just need a cooling off period.

    • Yes maybe - guess I got a little bit scared of over crowding/ being clingy, so I backed off quite a bit- but then it became harder to talk etc... we got a bit frustrated at one another I suppose because we were both waiting for the other to do something - but neither of us did... then I had a bit of a go at him for seeming no to care anymore - do you think that'll be acceptable to forgive, and think about starting again, if I just do what I should have been doing last time and being there more?

  • Sure you can. It sounds like all you had was bad communication. If he liked you once he can again.


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