My ex left me no explanation at all..

Hi I know you have heard about this kinda of situation maybe million times

but to me its the first time..this is a guy that adored me for 8 months and did everything in his power for me wanna marry me I was his soul mate in every way...kept telling me how much he loved me every single day...he wasn't perfect he got his weird things like a nerd he is but loved me... text 24 hours long messages calls everything even his mother knew about me his friends everybody ...then two weeks ago he stopped everything just at once...i didn't know what was happening so I waited two days then I called him and text h I'm but he didn't answer me then I tried one more time and he answered me but it wasn't normal his voice sounded like sad and he was always smiling and happy,he told me he still loves me but can't be with me anymore then I asked him can we be at least friend?he is indeed a great guy to have around but he said no don't you get it?i can't be your friend cause I love you but that was it..

then he wrote to a friend of mine and told him this

I love her still but I can't talk to her anymore cause I will crawling back at her I'm wrapped around her I can't help myself..

he just left me without an explanation nothing and hurts like hell

he wasn't the kinda of guy that goes sleeping around he is christian never cheated on me I was his air literally

So what do you think happened here?he told me good bye over a text that's it...its like he transformed into an evil person didn't know him like that...he even blocked every way of communicating with me ..i miss him but I already accepted this and I'm trying to get on with my life but the part that hurts is that he didn't say exactly why

I appreciate any pov ideas etc

thank you


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  • Could be anything, met someone else, decided you aren't the one, or soemthing or anyting else family, religion, moving etc..


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  • I'm am sorry that has happened to you, I am in the a similar situation with my ex he loved me with every ounce of his soul, wanted to marry me and have kids together , did everything that he could to be with me. His family loved me and his friends were so happy for him. Yet, when I got pregnant he seemed excited for about two weeks then he packed his stuff and left without saying goodbye... He finally responded to me about a month later and tried to rebuild friendship then that lasted two weeks and he has left for good, won't respond to my texts, emails, phone calls and his sisters won't text me either. It's been two months and he doesn't bother to ask how I am or the baby.

    So there are people out there that can sympathize with you, and what you are doing for yourself by accepting the situation is the best way to move forward in life. You though want to be optimistic and have faith he can one day return if it's meant to be, yet as long as you keep yourself the main priority then that's what's mainly important. It's normal to ask ourselves what did I do wrong for him to just leave? Yet, we can love with all our hearts and try to convince that person to open up to us the real reasons of their Leaving. Yet, we can't force them to talk to us, love us, or anything they must want that for themselves. Give him time he will one day cone around and men do tend to regret after a length of time as they figure themselves out! Sometimes when guys put so much emphasis into a relationship they lose a sense of who they are and they just need time to collect themselves in the process. I know that you are deserving of a man that will treat the way he did and always keep an open mind and faith it will happen and maybe so with him.

    I wish the best for you!


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  • I am so sorry for your pain here, @sandoftime, and with being as wise as I am this ol owl, I feel he wasn't Ready nor Raring anymore to be in a Real Relationship and was not man enough to tell you Face to face or in any other Place.
    He wasn't able either to be your friend because he knew you would dissuade him from probably the hardest Decision of his whole life that this Christan had to do, and that was Break off with the most Amazing girl he will probably ever know and love.
    Good luck. xx


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