My girlfriend broke up with me?

after 2 years of intensive love she broke up cause she thinks I cheat and am sneaky, but I swear I'm not.

what to do? go after her or just accept the fact that is she doesn't trust me, then she isn't worth me?


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  • well I'm sorry to hear that... well if you love her a lott then maybe try to talk about it one more time but if that doesn't work then you should let go and find someone that is worth it...

  • You should give it another try and explain to her that you wouldn't cheat on her and that your not sneaky, tell her exactly what she means to you, and try to find out why she thinks you cheat and are sneaky. It sounds like she has definite trust issues, and it may not be anything you've done, but just insecurities with herself. If she doesn't want to work at it, and still believes her ideas then she is not the right girl for you and you can find someone that is so much better and trusting in you.


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