Girls, how much of a turn off is a weird hairline on the back of the neck?

I've always had longish hair because the hair on the back of my neck, instead of being straight ( link comes down into a point and the hair on both sides of the point are major cowlicks and it just looks weird. It's something I've been super self concious about my whole life ha ha. Hopefully you know what I'm talking about.


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  • hmm not exactly sure what you're describing. but I'm pretty sure it'd be fine for anyone. I don't know girls who really stare/concern themselves with the back of someone's head/neck.

    don't worry about it. probably pretty close to the last thing I would look at or even think about for that matter

    • I always had that problem! I'm very insecure about it but on a guy its not a big deal. Because I'm a girl it matters more.

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