How do I break up with him?

OK so this guy I've been dating for a month is really sweet and nice. But he lives a few towns over and we don't see each other very often. And I also like another guy. And the other guy likes me and he gonna ask me out (I found out from his friends). I don't wanna break up with him after a date because what's the point of having so much fun and right when I about to leave I break up with him? Can I break up with him on the phone? Thanks.


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  • I think a problem a lot of girls have is just being honest. Sure you might hurt his feelings more to begin with but in the long run it will help him out.

    I'm sure its the same with girls when guys make up stupid excuses for breaking up. All anyone wants is for people to be honest with them. Just tell him you had fun but you don't see yourself having a proper relationship with him. Don't tell him its because of the distance because then he'll sit there thinking there maybe a chance if you or he moves closer or something. Just give him some good honest proper closure so he can go on with his life :)


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  • I really don't think you should brake up with him over the phone... if its hard to see the guy and you like another guy that lives around you.. I think you should just be honest. You are just starting off the relationship... couple of dates, Nothing serious. So, before you start hanging out, just tell him you like him but you feel its not going to work out because of the distance. And just keep it simple. Tell him you would still like to be friends if he want to... and I think you should leave it like that and stop contacting him for a while. So that the other guy doesn't feel like you are doing shady things behind his back.. Well if you already know that he is gonna ask you out, and you decided to accept it... you really should cut it off with the guy who lives really far. That's what I think.. I hope it works out well for you..


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