My boyfriend and his ex?

my boyfriend and his ex ended it pretty much almost a year ago, and we've been together for about a month. I don't know if guys feel like this too, but whenever she gets brought up I get a little hurt or I see things, for example I know he's still got a few things from her in his room he hasn't gotten rid of and I get hurt by it. I know it was his past and I'm with him now, but it still hurts. I want to bring it up to him but not really because I don't want to nag him about his past girlfriends, I don't want to sound crazy. should I bring it up? I know he's over her and with me, but sometimes it just doesn't seem like he's 100% with me..


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  • i completely understand what your sayin. iv still got a few of my ex's things in my room and tbh, I wouldn't blame any new girlfriend that I got for being funny about the things I've kept from past relationships. I my opinion, your feelings can always fade for someone, but you can never forgot how you felt about them.

    you have every right to bring it up, so do. just don't approach it with anger, just try talk easily and calmly about it and imo, it will without doubt and trouble become solved :)


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