Does staying over at a guy's house ruin the development of a future relationship?

I have kind of started to see a guy who I really like A LOT. We talk almost every day and have a ton in common. He invited me to a BBQ he was hosting at his parents house which ended at 12:30 am. As everyone is leaving he tells me that I can stay over to which I tell him I should take a train back home (he lives an hour away from me on a train). We look up the schedule and lie on his bed and talk for awhile until he kisses me and we start making out. He then turns off the lights and we continue making out. That's as far as it goes though, my clothes remain on and we continue to make out until we go to bed. We both wake up the next morning and cuddle for a bit until we have breakfast and he takes me home.

He was talking about future times we will hang out and about "next time."

By staying over did I ruin any chance of our relationship progressing?


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  • I don't think staying over was a bad thing. You know you like him, and if he invited you to the BBQ then asked you to stay after, well he probably likes you too! The whole story seems like a progression of the relationship to me. Especially at the end you say that he was talking about future times of hanging out...that means that he wants to see you again which to me reinforces the idea that he likes you too. So no, I really don't think you did anything to jeopardize your relationship, in fact it probably helped move it along.


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