Does this mean I like him? Am I cheating emotionally?

OK so I have a boyfriend whom I love which is why I'm asking about this because one its wrong to let my heart sway and if I do like this other guy its not fair for my boyfriend...

Lately my boyfriend and I have been fighting and he keeps bringing up my past which just upsets me... but since these fights I've been getting along with this guy I work with well we both work with we'll call him A, and my boyfriend C...

So lately I have found myself caring a whole lot about A but this could be because C just "doesn't care" about anything anymore which just hurts me. Because I'm naturally a very caring person..

the other day A was telling me how he wishes he could smile and be happy and he can't because he has this migraine and he's just becoming depressed... well I went out of my way to help him... Like looked up remedies to help pain, we went to the pharmacy together and I don't know I helped him a lot...

the other day he and I where talking when C was over and I wasn't paying attention and A told me to give him a "sexy" nick name and I wasn't paying attention to what he was saying to me or saying at all because I was paying 100% attention to C... I called him gold member because that's what C and I were watching Austin Powers Gold Member...

C got p*ssed at me and suddenly took off when we had plans for the whole day and I'm scared me and A acting and talking the ways we do is going to tear me and C apart... is the way I'm acting just flirty or if this signs of me actually falling for A... does A like me is that why he isn't stopping?

A has told me many of times he thinks I'm beautiful and that I can do better than C and that if I was single he would "tap that" but at the same time he said he wouldn't just sleep with a girl he really likes he'd date her.. A's also told me that he likes brown haired girls, that are nerdy, which is me... we both like the same star wars episode and same comic books and everything...

I realize I'm digging myself a grave but if this is the starting of emotional cheating I want to know so I can slowly just stop talking to A so I can I guess get back on track with C ...

Help me please!


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  • one of my girlfriend started flirting with someone else when she took a break from her bf/fiance. She told me it was because they were arguing too much and she missed not arguing. That's why she cheated on him, but they were on a break anyway.

    I guess, you might have found that too much lack of attention from your boyfriend, and you are getting it from that other guy.

    Just think, is there a future for you and the other guy or a better future with you and your boyfriend?

    If there is no future with the other guy, you should just let him go and stay and work at your relationship with your boyfriend. Just let him know verbally what you need him to work on.

    If there is a future with the other guy, you might want to drop your boyfriend first because then you're emotionally cheating and he's probably going to get jealous and your friendship might not be there after the breakup.


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  • Yeah, you know what you're doing is messed up. I'm sure "c" would be pretty upset. Also you made the other guy an A and your guy a C, what's up? The reason your relationship is messed up is because you're wasting 60% of your energy on this other fella. Get straight .

    • If I'm so messed up... then tell me why I've been swaying since my boyfriend started getting violent? I wouldn't have started feeling these things if my boyfriend didn't start that crap... so tell me how I'm wasting my energy...

    • What you're doing is messed up I stated, not you- your actions. Yeah you are emotionally cheating regardless of why. Your wasting your energy because you can't get your head straight. Finish one before you go to the next- less drama.

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