Should I give him my number? I NEED HELP ASAP !!!

I was at a cookout when a guy I've known FOREVER came up to me and told me he hasn't seen me in so long and that he wanted to catch up, then he hugged me. BUT, I can't remember a time we've ever had an actual conversation. We ended up spending most of the day together. Another girl, whom we both know, joined us for a while, but I liked it so much better when it was just us and I sort of got the impression that he did too. He left before we did and when he was leaving I could tell he wasn't sure how to leave. I seriously think he wanted to ask for my number and I almost gave it to him without him even asking, but I know the other girl is sort of into him too so I didn't want to do that in front of her. I want to email him just to catch up and let him know that even after he left I was thinking about him. So I thought an email would do the trick. What should I say? Should I give him my number? I NEED HELP ASAP!


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  • Well if you plan on seeing this guy sometime soon then don't stress it just wait until then and then you can make a move. However, if you don't think you will then yea I would maybe shoot him an e-mail. Don't rush these things though, just send him a casual message saying it was great seeing him and that you wished he could of stayed longer to talk. Tell him that you have more to catch up on and ask him if he wants to like meet up somewhere for ice cream or something to do so. I don't know if you would want to pull the "i was still thinking about you even after you left" yet, might be too soon, but hey you're the one who knows him not me! See where that e-mail goes and if he says yes to hanging out or something then you should decide whether or not to give him your number.

    • Thanks. I wasn't going to tell him I was thinking about him, I thought the email would show him. You know? I would NEVER say that haha

    • Ok good haha

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  • If in doubt, give him your number! Don't be chicken! It doesn't commit yu to anything really.

    But don't make plans yet...he may JUST want to catch up and that's all.

  • Try adding him fb, ms, chat online, or send an email, say it was nice to chat and catch up etc...


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