Let's test it, shall we?

Hey guys and girls! So, what are some ways I can test to see if this guy I'm pretty good friends with likes me? I think he might like me, but I'm not absolutely positive. So, what are some things I can do to flirt with him that, only if he liked me, he would flirt back to? If that makes sense. Thanks!


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  • One thing girls always try on me is this:

    We will be sitting in a room of say 6 people. She will once in a while get up and move around the room to a new location...now lets say I like this girl, I will obviously feel offended by this move and so I myself will get up as well and move over by her. A while later she will do the same thing. Its just a little thing that some girls try...i notice it every time but I still play their silly games! Only if I like them though =)

    If that doesn't work don't get your hopes up, some guys are clueless about that stuff and honestly wouldn't notice it haha

  • just ask him if he likes you. then you can go from there

    • But.... I don't want him to necessarily know I like him. I just want to know if he likes me.

    • You can ask him without letting him know if you like him or not. just ask him if he likes you more than a friend. if he says yes then you will know...if he says no then you can still be friends.

    • Alright. I'll try that. What else?

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