I like a guy who I don't really know, I don't want to seem stalkerish...any ideas?

I'm going into my first year of university. We had our Orientation this past week, and I met this guy who was one of the frosh leaders. He's going into his second year of the same program I'm going into. We were in the same group for a couple of things and we talked a couple of times while everyone was just chilling in the lounge and he's super cute and funny and really nice and easy to talk to.

So I added him on facebook and he added me back - but now that orientation is basically over I don't know if I'll have many chances to see him cause he's not in my year. How should I go about trying to hang with him with out seeming like...weird and stalkerish?

sorry - I know this probably sounds ridiculous but I really don't know what to do haha. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Thanks everyone!


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  • Wait a little while to see if he asks you out... if not, just ask him to Lunch. Or... you can always play the dumb freshman newb game and just ask him some weird questions... like where is room COB94 or something.


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