If you cheated on your girl and you was really sorry what would you do ?

what if you cheated on your girl and you was really sorry about it (even tho you had sex with the girl 3 times and you didn't even really no her you just met her online) if your girl was so inlove with you and you did this to her what would you do to show her you was sorry? and if she wanted to talk about it over and over would you just roll your eyes at her and say ( I told you already) ..

so yea this is what's going on with me my man cheated and I can't tell if he is sorry or not


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  • If you have any respect for yourself at all, walk away. Love isn't a tough thing to walk away from, but there are so many more and better guys out there who wouldn't do that to you. Thing with guys is, if you forgive cheating- it will happen again. It's not like he got drunk and kissed someone, he had sex with her three times. Plus he met her online which means he was probably actively seeking out a sex partner. That's a haven for STD's and potentially a p*ssed off husband who will come kill you both when he finds out his wife is a whore. He's not sorry, he's a piece of sh*t.


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  • What a bastard!

    I guess it depends how you found out. Then it would be reliant on whether or not it appeared he was really feeling guilty and even then I would have expected some extraordinary act of sincerety as part of the apology.

    • Omg the only way I found out was .. the girl text him at 1am I new something was up .. I grab the phone and I called her and she told me she didn't know him that good she met him offline and they had sex 3 times. she said she text him cause he told her he was going to dallas for a few weeks but really he was comeing to move in with me in oklahoma ! omg I am so mad I found all this out only two weeks after he moved in . I even found a naked pic of her in his email he don't act sorry to me

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    • Yeah I wasted ten years of my life with him and he did me like that .. f*** him !

    • Yeah... f**k him!

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