What does my ex want?

what does my ex want we have been broken up for over 7 years but we maintained contact through out long story short we have been talking here recently and he's been wanting to see me. we met up and he got really shaky and nervous he told me he was doing everything he could not to kiss me that day.then he left abruptly then he calls me on the way home saying it wasn't me why he left. that he felt sixteen again and didn't know why. then yesterday we were speaking and he said I think I love you still and that he wanted me emotionally and physically what the heck does all this mean?


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  • He still loves you. He thinks about you all the time

    Go back if you want something.


What Girls Said 1

  • He still loves you like crazy -- does not matter if it were 7 years ago - he STILL has you in his head and heart - if you still want him go for it.. if you still CARE! Good luck - good love is hard to find!


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