Will my ex boyfriend want me back? How do I get him back?

My ex boyfriend and I broke up because of his constant ogling at other women in front of my face, his excessive horniness, to the point where I felt like I was his whore which turned me off, and his love for Internet p*rn. I started to get jealous upset and insecure whenever he did this and every time it happened I flipped out. Like seriously flip out, psycho crazy. But I know he loved me throughout it all, he tried everything to make it work except he never stopped his love for other woman in front of my face, watching Internet p*rn while I was in the other room. So we were together for a year and half and I kicked him out because I came home to more Internet p*rn, I Was so sad because he kept doing things like this. But he was more then willing to leave and when he got all his stuff we both cried because we truly did love each other. How do I get him back? He won't call me, he won't talk to me where we use to see and talk to each other everyday for a year and a half and now it's like he's fallen off the planet. I won't call him because I don't want to be needy but am I sending a wrong message by not calling him. After we broke up I told him I really want to work things out and I love him so much, his reply was let's be friends and I will always have love for you in my heart and that he will never forget me and that he'll see me later, I want him back, how do I get him back and do you think there is a chance of getting back together?



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  • Walk away. It is clear that a relationship between you two will NOT work. If another's actions are making you lose control to the point where you are losing control you need to evaluate yourself and the situation and be thankful you're not having to walk away from this with some criminal charges.


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