How to win back the respect of a man, and regain "control"?

This guy and I weren't really "dating" - we were never a couple, just two friends who went out a couple of times and eventually got intimate.

The thing is... after we got intimate, I made the mistake about asking him "where we were going". He answered with a response that I could have handled, "I'm not looking for any commitment right now"... BUT, he said that and then continued to flirt with me and make me think that he wanted more than friendship.

Eventually, I made a fool out of myself. I made myself look weak! Now, he still wants to be friends, but he doesn't seem to want to talk to me as much. Maybe I scared him a bit? Maybe he just doesn't respect me?

All I know is... I need to be back in control of this. At one point, I seriously felt like I ALMOST had him. But then I ruined it.

So, after all I've done, how can I make this guy see me as the person he saw me as a few months ago, before all of this nonsense happened?

I do NOT care if I ever get into a relationship with this man... it would be nice, yes; but my MAIN GOAL right now is to make him desire me again! So, how can I do this?


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  • You have history, unless you did something horrible, you will almost always be viewed better then some girl that he just meet.. but if he isn't looking for a relationship, I don't think you will change his mind...

    • Well, I don't necessarily want to change his mind. it would be great if that happened! But, the likelihood of that happening is very slim, I see that now. I just feel like I have completely ruined everything, and he sees me as nothing but a "weakling" and someone who will "give in' each and every time he wants. I just... want to go back to being that "strong" woman in his eyes again. I want to be more desirable in his eyes, even if he doesn't want a relationship with me.

    • There is something wrong with people who think, seeking love is "weak".

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