When is enough, enough? How to give up on someone?!

In any relationship; significant other, friend, whatever. If you've been through so much, and things just keep feeling apart, and if you try just a little harder and put more effort in you know things will get better and everything will work out, but sometimes you feel like you've just had enough and don't want to try anymore. Is giving up okay? Even if it hurts? When is enough, enough?!

Even if you could lose someone you really care about have you ever just given up?

Tell me about it. How do you know when enough is enough?


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  • I have been in a situation that the relationship started out pretty well but I found myself after a while me doing all the things for him me supprting him with everything but when it came to me it was nothing. So when stuff like that starts happening then I think that would be a great time I know you don't want to lose them but with him or her doing that to you its not good their trying to get you as low as they can get you before you crack I'm not saying either that it will be easy to let him or her go it been a month since my relationship ended and I'm still trying to get over it but a lot of other stuff happen but yes if you are having to always tell yourself it will get better after a while just hold it it will get better sorry but is not unless they are in a mid life crisses.



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  • Ultimately, you are the one who gets to define what is enough. But you can consider the points below. I would add two more; when you find yourself feeling a lot better after you say goodbye to each other after a date, and when you find that trust isn't there anymore.

    How to know when it is over?

    Step 1 Be realistic. If you're being abused, hurt, cheated on or lied to, it's time to cut your losses and get out.

    Step 2

    Think about the future you're creating. If your partner is jealous, obsessive, possessive or overly emotional, consider the extra burden you are carrying in dealing with those behaviors.

    Step 3

    Is he a shameless flirt? Is she bossy? demanding? insecure? These are more signs of a rocky road ahead.

    Step 4

    Do you truly enjoy each others' company, or do you find yourself relieved whenever you part company? If the latter, it doesn't bode well.

    Step 5

    Evaluate your role in maintaining the relationship. If you feel as if you're doing all the work, it's time to talk or walk.

    Step 6

    Does he promise to call and then forget? Is she terminally late? Be honest with yourself. Is this what you want?

    Step 7

    Do you feel accepted and appreciated? If not, move on.

  • If your not happy anymore, to many fights etc...


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  • some times you have your reasons to stay and you just keep staying. there is a question on the breakup section and then click on polls, and it says why stay in a bad relationship?

    people vote for things such as:

    -it's because you think it'll get better

    -you feel lonely without someone there

    -you just need the sex

    -you love them too much to ever let go

    -or other... and then people list their reasons...

    my sister stayed with her bum husband for 3 years because she really loved him. although he said mean things and physically abused her, and just leeched off her for money and food and a place to stay all those times... she couldn't let him go because she really loved him. When was enough enough? When she realized finally that she could NOT continue to let him leech off her (she worked part time at starbucks and went to school full time, while paying for rent etc). So she left him, and gave him everything. still continues to let him stay at that apartment and have all those furniture and gave him the car. she still loves him, but she just couldn't be with him anymore for certain emotional/financial/physical wellness.


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