Wanna tell her that I love her...but can't..? please help....?

now there was a girl... we met 2 years back...and became the real best friends ...at that time...i always denied that I love her...but now that she is gone...i feel like I am in love with her...and love her a lot...but now I can't say it because she is my friend...and don't wanna hurt her...!


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  • Its hard huh? xD

    I think since she is not there with you, you're simply missing her. :)

    Now if you do think you love her, then I guess the simple thing is to tell her. Do you still keep in contact with her, you have an email or her phone number?

    Think about what you would like to say to her and when the time is right, you will gain the courage to tell her about what you feel. It's better to say something rather than to not say anything at all.

    An important thing to remember is to not worry, take a risk, you never know, she might like you too. If push comes to shove and she says no, well you did your best, it may be a little heartbreaking but after some time you will move on. This doesn't mean the end of your friendship. Hope I helped~ XD

    • Yeah I got her phone number......and she is with me on fb......

      thanks for the help.....but what can I say to her......?

    • Well maybe you could try writing down your feelings on a sheet of paper in dot points. Write down things like what you like about her, how long you have liked her, how important she means to you etc. Then after that pick some of the things that you have written down, that you might want to say to her when you want to confess to her. I can't really tell you how to say what you feel to her, only you know your own feelings, so say what you want from the bottom of your heart & good luck!!!! :D

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