What's my ex girlfriend's deal?

Me and my ex (6 year relationship) have been broken up for a little more than 2 months now. The first month after the breakup I did the typical begging, pleading, and talking I could do, which of course didn't work.

Well finally a few weeks ago I got sick of her "stringing" me along and told her I couldn't deal with all the contact we were still having.

Fast forward a few weeks and she still can't go more than 5 days of NC without her breaking it (She always breaks it).

Lately I can't figure out her deal. I know she has been hanging out with another guy some but I still haven't thought of it too be anything to serious.

A little more than a week ago we were suppose to be at the same as outing as some other friends and literally the night before the event she sends me a text asking if I'd get mad if she invited him. I was honest with her and told her if she brought him I probably wouldn't go anymore. She didn't bring him... (confuses me)

After that night we went our "whole" 5 days before she sent me a text stating she hoped I had been having a good week, and proceeding to ask me if I had gone somewhere a few nights back.

Finally 3 days ago we had another outing that she might have been attending, well we changed the location and seeing how I'm such a nice guy, I told one of my buddies to text her and let her know where it would be. That night I got a text from her asking why couldn't I text her myself to let her know. I told her I wasn't going to. Her response was "That's really sad that if you need 2 get info 2 me you won't even tell me yourself :/"

I've actually been doing good, and taking each day as it is, but I can't figure out her actions. She knows I want to get back together and this is what she does.

Any ideas?


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  • She is trying to keep you in her life but not be with you. Girls do this crap all the time. She knows if she gets with another guy she will lose you completely, but it's going to happen sooner or later anyway so your best choice is to stop talking to her all together. She is trying to start a "friendship" with you so she won't feel guilty about anything she does with other guys that she wants to be with or just have sex with. Start dating other girls asap. She is STILL stringing you along and trying to keep you in linbo giving you false hope.


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